He gave us what?!? Christ and His Legacy…

I have been out of town for a few days, and drove back to Midland, TX from Marble Falls today. A 4.5 hour drive to West Texas… Happy Birthday to me!! Literally… On the drive back to oil town, I had a few hours to catch up on an audio book, a few sermons, and also took the drive to soak and ponder, as I do on most long drives.

While listening to the hum of the tires I decided to put on an audio sermon from John MacArthur titled The Legacy of Jesus. Over the hundreds of sermons I could have selected from this app, I have no idea why I was lead to this particular sermon. I was unaware of the impact it would have, but I was sucked in within the first few minutes.

For those that don’t know me, and to bore the ones that do, I am no theologian, scholar, or preacher. I’m an ordinary guy, slightly rough around the edges, a sinner, unworthy Christian, and pretty boring dude! I love Christ, and love people, but don’t show it near enough. I am working on building my relationship with Him, desire to be a Christ-like example, and I understand this is what He craves more than anything. For some reason this hit me square between the eyes today. What I’m about to get in to is not intellectual or earth shattering by any means, however for some reason I feel lead to share. I’ve never blogged, I don’t tweet, and I get on Facebook because it puts me to sleep very quickly!

With that very detailed and elegant introduction…. I’d like to share the impact of the sermon I heard today. I like audio books, however I don’t have an enormous amount of time to get settled in to many. Short drives, which are a majority of my everyday travel, don’t really trigger me to put something on the stereo. Knowing that I had a good 4.5 hours ahead of me today, I was eager to put something through the speakers. Honestly, I wanted to make sure I stayed awake and alert after the 2.5 hours of slumber I had the night before… Audio books usually keep me perked up the first 20 or 30 minutes while driving, and often that’s where it stops. A dip or two of Copenhagen extra long cut usually allows for an additional half hour to hour of of listening though!

As I started the audio sermon, I honestly wasn’t looking for anything, and had no expectations of what I was about to listen to. This is why it was very strange that after about 3 minutes into it, I felt I had downed about 10 five hour energy drinks! It was riveting, interesting, and I couldn’t get enough. I am part owner of an electrical contracting company and try to lead by example, so I hope our safety director doesn’t chastise me for this, but as I’m reading I had to get a pen (red was all I had) and paper out on the center console to take some notes. About 10 minutes into the sermon, I had written 3 full pages of notes and it looked as if I had bled all over the notebook! This guy was really getting at my mind and tugging on some heart strings.

Two hours later, after having listened to the two part series, I felt a sense of humility and intrigue I haven’t felt in a while. As MacArthur described Christ’s final hours in the upper room with his disciples, the humility and love of Christ, and how he was explaining the legacy that Jesus has left us, I felt obligated to somehow share what I had heard.

So…. here we are. My first blog, on my birthday, resulting from an audio sermon. More than likely this will bore most to death, as I can’t compete with “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, but as I mentioned, I feel obligated and have a desire to share what to me was an impactful dialogue on a very interesting topic, The Legacy of Jesus. At minimum, I will have the pleasure of walking around the house telling my wife about my blogging adventures, getting a smirk out of her every once in a while, while being called a dork regularly! My others hobbies of fishing, hunting, kayaking, shooting… they all line up with blogging right?!?

I am not setting a routing blogging schedule, have very little expectations from doing this, but I do hope it reaches someone as it did me today. I will post as I feel lead, and will not be counting my followers on my fingers and toes anytime soon! This should be interesting…. expect grammatical mistakes and possibly a few mispealeengs… I appreciate your time if you’ve chosen to read this far!!!

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